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Jul 31, 2019

A lot of plant based ‘meat” has been hitting the news lately.  Dr. Jesse and Dr. Zach talk about the way some of it is made and then dive into genetics and disease.


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Jul 31, 2019

About 90% of women experience symptoms of PMS and shouldn't be the norm. In this week's episode, Dr. Patrick Flynn answers the question, "why does PMS happen," and shares how to look at it differently. Menstruation is a normal part of being a healthy woman, but premenstrual syndrome is not part of the deal. It may...

Jul 31, 2019

Who are you sleeping with? And for how long? In this episode, the Mom Panel discusses the pros and cons of co-sleeping with your children and where it fits into the crunchy lifestyle.





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Jul 24, 2019

When it comes to your health, you have choices. Dr. Jesse and Dr. Zach delve into experiences they’ve had with the Medical system and how it can differ from a Wellness Way Experience. Also, a huge update from last week’s “Personal Story.”

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Jul 24, 2019

Millions of people are suffering with skin conditions including up to 50 million Americans who suffer from acne every year. In this episode of a Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn discusses how to have healthy skin and the dangers of skin medications. Traditional medicine tries to figure out how to manage the...